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Wood Floor Care

No matter what gooding looking hardwood floors can be maintained with very little effort. Our wood floor care maintenance program will significantly and consistently look its best!

• Installation – Not a problem.

•General Maintenance

  • Surface finishes - Is also known as urethanes or polyurethanes. Using these kinds of surface finishes form a protective coating that is water-resistant, durable and requires little maintenance. We never recommend wax-based or petroleum-based products on these kinds of finishes it will ultimately damage the original finish.
  • Wax finishes – Wood absorbs wax finishes. It will harden and form a deep penetrating protective barrier. Maintaining its luster will require a regular schedule of thin applications of wax.
  • Acrylic impregnated finishes - This is highly recommend for high traffic areas, such as, entry ways, hallways, and conference rooms. This particular finish is injected into the wood. In doing so will create super-hard durable floor. It is recommended to follow the manufactures suggested cleaning instructions.