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Power Washing

Why are first impressions so important? It sets up the expectation of what is to come. Once that first impression is made it may be difficult later to redirect a better impression of your business.

Let’s face it, your facility is an important asset. How your facility looks on the outside plays an important part in how your customers and future customers feel about you and your business.

  • Have you ever had gum on your shoe as you walked into a building?
  • Have you ever notice stains on the sidewalk entrance and walked around it? While saying to yourself “Glad I didn’t step in that.”
  • Have you ever walked out the back door of your facility and noticed a greasy, dirty, and smelly dumpster area and walked right back inside?
  • Have you ever looked up at a building and noticed black water stains coming down the brick wall and wondered how long its been there?
  • We could go and on….but we won’t

SPUniversal power washing service will solve these problems that could hinder your business from attaining its full commercial potential. SpUniversal uses state-of-the art equipment and superior cleaning techniques to get the job done right! When needed, heated water and carefully chosen detergents assist in the perfect clean.

  • Building Exteriors – Not a problem. We use high heat and high pressure cleaning techniques to restore it to its original look.
  • Parking Garages – Often overlooked. Nevertheless, SPUniversal has you covered.
  • Sidewalks – Your facilities sidewalks are heavily used. It is necessary to have routine cleaning.
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